Office Update and Paint Colors....

January 22, 2013

When the new year started one of my resolutions was to "clear the clutter". As I began my journey, I realized that the reason I have all this clutter is because I don't have a proper space for important papers, bills, kids art work, mail, magazine, exct. Everything just ends up in piles in my kitchen. The same goes for all our daily items such as hats, coats, shoes, school, bags and anything else that ends up in my house. So, I began thinking that it is finally time to upgrade ALL the rooms in our home and the first place to start is our home office. I created a inspiration board for my office which you can find on my MOM CAVE board on Pinterest. The style I've been looking for has changed a hundred times (literally). One thing that I was dead set on was a "mud room" area for coats, hats, shoes and school bags. I had wanted to order a entry system from Pottery Barn, but just my luck it is discontinued and all the new stuff they have just wouldn't work in the space. So that leads me to this.
We originally removed the closet in this room to make our daughters nursery larger.... So now it is our little mudroom space. We had a carpenter make this from scratch and I had  the pleasure of painting it. Now all i need to do is order the desk and pick a paint color. Not an easy task as you can see.
Like I said it is a very small room and as much as I would love to go bold with the dark color (Marine Magic ~ Behr) I think my go to color is the one on the end (Wheatbread ~ Behr). I will be back soon with more pics after I decide on a color.......

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