Not Another Resolution....

December 30, 2012

.... These last few days before the new year I have been thinking a lot about the past year and all the blessings that it has brought.... I've been thinking about the future and the kind of person and mother I truly want to be. That being said I have a lot of goals (personal, professional and emotional) that I want to achieve, not just for myself, but for my family...... So this "New Year" for me is not about "resolutions".... It's about a new beginning. I know I said this last year being 4 months pregnant with my beautiful baby boy, but this year it has new meaning. I want to become a better mother, daughter, aunt, cousin, friend and a better over all human being.... It will not happen over night or even in a few months, but I vow that it will happen.... Let the journey begin.... Bring it!

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