August 1, 2012

Once again I have promised myself that I would loose weight and get back to my "pre baby" weight of 126 for the 100th time..... Well this time I'm not just 20 or 30 pounds away.... I am a whopping 55 POUNDS AWAY (I leave you to do the math) and I am more frightened and anxious as ever to get it off and back to my old self. Right now I look at pictures of myself and feel trapped and if that isn't motivation I don't know what is!
So, that being said I started being very careful about my food in take and here is what my day looked like yesterday.... I'm not to concerned with exact amounts right now. I'm just trying to focus on changing my eating habits....

Day One

1 cup coffee w/ equal
3 egg whites
1 cup green beans

Activity: 10min walk to my dads house

1 cheese stick
1 bag 100cal cinnamon sugar almonds
1 cup coffee

Activity: 10 min walk to pick up my car

No-carb Protein shake
2tbs natural peanut butter

Tuna with cucumbers, pickles and balsamic dressing

1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese with cinnamon and sugar free jelly

That's about it.... Not bad for my first day.... And I have to admit my cravings for carbs are much less now that I'm not eating them at all! I don't recommend this way of eating for EVERYONE!! This is simply just what works for me. I am following this plan. If you plan on doing the same always contact your physician first and always listen to you body!!

Time to up my water in take and get my cardio on!!

Wish me luck!!

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