February 19, 2014

Wednesday Wish List {white kitchen}

Happy Wednesday friends!!
We still seem to be up to our ears (literally) in snow.... Looking forward
to spring and all those "spring" projects that I need nice, warm, open
windows type of days to complete!
Today I am introducing a new weekly feature, "Wish List Wednesday".
Each Wednesday I will present all the things that I am currently hoping to
purchase, get done, or anything that may catch my eye and would like
to share...
Today I am sharing my hope wish for a nice, new, bright white kitchen.
I have been trying to find a way get up the nerve to paint our current
cabinets. It would seem like a pretty easy job, but my husband is just not
for it at the moment. I priced out the cost to have them professionally
painted, but at a whopping $6,000 it was a no go! Our current kitchen
cabinets cost us $10K, so I just can't justify paying that type of cash for
a job that I know I can conquer myself....
So in the mean time while I continue to talk my husband into the task I
will continue to wish upon a star and drool over my all time favorite
white kitchens.....

I could go on for days but these are just a few on my wish list...
What's on your "wish list" today???
*You saw this weekly feature here first* 
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