The Great Debate {White Walls}

April 11, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know my new found obsession with white walls and my plans to give our living room a fresh update with nice, bright, clean, white walls.... I am over the current color we've had for a little over two years... It's Wheat Bread by Behr. I seem to say this every two years or so when it comes to paint colors, but here we go again... What in God's name was I thinking? I'm pretty sure I was just looking for some thing other than the cottage yellow I had on them before...
Here is a photo of what our living room looked like this past fall.

So yes, I know exactly what your thinking... The walls look great.
Yup, they look great on perfectly sunny days when the lighting is just right and the blinds are all open, but come evening or on a cold cloudy day, to me they are really depressing looking and dreary.... They also have become very "muddy" looking. So, with a ton of research I have narrowed it down to five white paint colors... I will share the names during the big reveal. For right now I am going to share with you the five photos that I found most inspiring and where I've collected the colors from....

I love all the colors in each photo, but I have to admit I am scared to go pure white with no undertone at all.... I'm so afraid of loosing that cozy feeling this room has. I'm also not looking forward to redoing my wall gallery I worked so hard on. I guess I can always just leave all the nails in the walls and put them back up after I paint!! Sshhhh!! Don't tell!!! Pretty sure that's a huge no, no in the design world!!
I'm hoping to get painting next weekend!!
To keep up to what I'm up to on a hourly daily basis, you can find me here!! Have a great weekend!!!

What it Means to be a Mom {Easter Sunday}

April 6, 2015

Sometimes I need a day to stop and do nothing, and when I say nothing I mean nothing. Like stay in bed and not say a word to a soul nothing.... Unfortunately, being a mom, a wife, a friend, a this, a that, there's just no way to take a day off and do nothing. Last week was a rough week for me.... Emotionally and physically.... Both my kids came down with the stomach bug, then I got something like what was supposed to be the stomach bug, but I refused to eat as to avoid the sight of anymore vomit... But still, even though I felt awful and could barely move, the day went on and the needs of my family took over.... It's amazing the strength you find when it's time to care for your kids.... This past Saturday I felt awful, yet I got up, tended to my children and even went into work to catch up. When I got home I couldn't move....Lying on the sofa later that day with a 101.5 fever and the room spinning with every small movement, some how when JJ was about to throw up yet again, my body found a way to jump up and tend to him... Suddenly, my aches and pains were put on the back burner and I did what I had to do.... And come Sunday morning I was feeling so much better. Not 100% but enough not to miss Easter Sunday with my family.
So, I guess you can say I kind of had the day off being on the sofa all day, but still everyday (even sick days) I'm a mom. I totally signed up for it and it was a dream of mine even as a little girl to be a mom, so please don't get me wrong, I'm in no way shape or form complaining, and I wouldn't change it for the world, I'm just telling it like it is... And sadly, those without children can't really understand what us Mommy's do for our children... I have always said this, my children come first...Before my needs or anyone else. Some folks think that shouldn't be the "order" of things but in my world that's how I roll and if someone out there thinks different then I'm not one to judge.... You parent your way and I'll parent mine.... There are reasons why I had children, and one of them is to be with them and enjoy their company, to watch them grow, to watch them laugh, to cry and to just be a kid... I don't want to miss a moment of it... I lost my mom way to early in my life to have any regrets about how I choose to spend my time with my children... That's why I am grateful for every moment of everyday I get to be with my children...
Here are some moments of our Easter Sunday... I pray your Easter or Passover Holiday was well spent as well...


Have a great week friends!!!