August 14, 2014

Around My Home {Bathroom, Living Room, This & That}

Hi friends!!
I'm back from a much needed vacation with the family!!
We spent almost a week in the great outdoors of Lake George, NY!
As most of you know I'm a country girl at heart and I love being in the mist of the woods among the trees and lakes.... It was a wonderful time, but now it's time to get back to our normal routines, back to work and almost time for our little girl to start 1st grade!!
Today I'm sharing a peak around our house. I've been busy with my day job and being a mommy so a lot of the summer projects I have on my "to do" list I haven't even begun to tackle, but I have made some much needed updates to our bathroom and living room as well as an amazing Craig's List find for the dining room.... Let's take a peak!!


One thing I have learned and took me a long time to understand is that decorating a home evolves over time and one thing you may have fallen in love with six months ago your not loving so much today.... For instance, the must have corner cabinet I purchased from Craig's List has now been replaced with the exact pine cabinet I have longed for.... Rather than just waiting for what I really wanted I made an impulse purchase because at that moment I didn't want to wait and I figured I would never find what I had my heart set on.... So out went the corner cabinet (thank the Lord for Craig's List) and in with what I truly had my heart set on, of which I scored a deal on because the seller was moving and it had to go!!
I hope you liked this little tour around my home!
I will be back tomorrow with another favorite home to share with you!!
Thanks for stopping by!!
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